Articulated Prints

These articulated prints are designed so that the models are connected and movable once removed from the print bed. It allows for some pretty incredible and fun prints! Simplify3D also makes it easy to separate existing articulated models so that they can be printed with your Palette+. This can be done by going to Mesh Menu > Separate Connected Surfaces". This creates multiple bodies that can be assigned to different processes, which allows parts to be assigned to different filaments.

Articulated Dinosaurs: T-Rex, Triceratops, & Brachiosaurus
Butterfly: Link
Surprise Eggs: Haul Truck & Fork Lift


  • Hey Ralph, you’re absolutely right, it is a Brachiosaurus! I’ll be sure to update this article with the correct name and link.

    Jonny Yeu on

  • These are great. I can find the Brontosaurus, but the image shows a Brachiosaurus. Is that one available as well? Many thanks!

    Ralph Zoontjens on

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