Multi-Color, Multi-Material Ball in a Cube


This model demonstrates the multi-material capabilities of Palette+ with the "impossible" object trapped in a cube. The floating sphere and intricate details of the cube were only made possible by the water soluble support material being spliced with PLA used in the printing process.

Get the STLs here.


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  • Yes that’s a good print but I have done things like that very easily with my single color one item at a time printer you print the ball remove it from the printer start the box print then when the box is tall enough pause the print drop the ball in and finish the print if your printer can do good bridging should turn out good . Yes its easier this way bit still not a real test of the real power of the Palette the ability to change color so sharply with no bleed over is a strong point that I really think is one of the most attractive points for getting a Palette

    Jim Greene on

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