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Mosaic Manufacturing

Explore real world applications

Prints for Home

The future of 3D printing is the ability to create and customize products that are...

Prints for Home Image
Prints For Your Office

Bring some color to your office by printing some of these multi-color ideas. You can...

Prints For Your Office Image
Board Games

Our Mosaic lunchtime board game competitions are heating up! Printed with a Palette+, these games...

Board Games Image
Settlers In Space

Explore the depths of the universe and challenge your relationships with your friends with Settlers in...

Settlers In Space Image
Multi-Color, Multi-Material Ball in a Cube

  This model demonstrates the multi-material capabilities of Palette+ with the "impossible" object trapped in...

Multi-Color, Multi-Material Ball in a Cube Image
Multi-Color Flexible Pliers

  This pair of Multi-Color, Multi-Material Flexible Pliers showcases the many possibilities available with Palette+....

Multi-Color Flexible Pliers Image
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