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Mosaic Manufacturing

Explore real world applications

Dissolvable Gear Train

  This 3 Gear Train demo shows how Palette+ can enable your single extruder printer...

Dissolvable Gear Train Image
Toronto City Hall Model

  3D printing allows you to shrink your world and recreate pieces of your environment....

Toronto City Hall Model Image
Gradient Twist Container

  Originally designed by Devin Montes, we added a little flair to the Twist Container...

Gradient Twist Container Image
Architecture Model

   This architectural model's sharp peaks were inspired by a Scandinavian golf club and Canada's...

Architecture Model Image
Flying Helicopter Toy

  We remixed 3DBrooklyn's awesome Flying Helicopter Toy and added some color! The Base, Cockpit...

Flying Helicopter Toy Image
Basketball Trophy

With the NBA season winding down, basketball fantasy pools everywhere are awarding their season champions....

Basketball Trophy Image
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