August Delivery Update

August Delivery Update

Hi Team, 

It looks like Delivery Day is right around the corner. 

To give a quick recap - In our last post we talked everyone through the 10 Palettes we were testing with the new drive systems. Things were looking positive, so we put an order in for 50 Palettes worth of drives. 

We ended the update stating that if these 50 Palettes passed QC we would ship them out, if they didn't, we would have to take a step back and re-evaluate. 

Back in March, we would build 10 Palettes in a week and at the end of the week, between 2 and 4 of them would would pass our QC tests. 

Yesterday, we passed 5 Palettes. This is the first day we've hit our production quota for a given day. 

In the past 6 days we've passed a total of 22 Palettes.  

We're on track to pass another 5 today, and (barring any hiccups) we should have around 40 completed by the end of this week/middle of next week. 

In summary - we expect to ship around 40-45 at the end of this month. We have put in the order for the next 50 drives, which should arrive around the end of this month. We're pushing Palettes through the earlier stages of production and getting even more units to the point where they're awaiting drives. 

Check out some of the pictures taken earlier today: 

A picture of our final QC print - over 120 splices need to be created and printed with each Palette in order for it to leave our facility.

A side view displaying the in-layer colour changes all the way up through the print.


Another QC print

Our passed wall of Palettes, growing more and more each day. You can see multiple QC prints on a few machines - we've done random spot checks to ensure repeatability. All spot-checks have passed so far.

Here you can see two Palettes going through FAT (Final Acceptance Tests), and six going through an ICT (In Circuit Test) - this ICT focused on splice quality.

Testing station number two feat. our QC Wizard Manmeet. Two FAT tests on two Dremels, one running and one being setup. Pic taken at 11AM EST, August 16th.

We'll be putting out an in-depth post at the end of the month, this update will give you a deeper look at what happened over the month of August.

Hope everyone's having a great month, we'll touch base again in a few weeks.