CANVAS Revamped: Stamp images onto your models

CANVAS Revamped: Stamp images onto your models

Our goal at Mosaic has always been to make multi-material 3D printing as easy and as accessible as possible. When we launched CANVAS, we knew we were getting closer to addressing the ease and accessibility that we were looking for but there were still some questions left unanswered. The one we were thinking about a lot was how can we make complicated processes like CAD and 3D modeling both easy and convenient for our users?

Last year, we introduced Painting in CANVAS - this year we decided to take it one step further. Over the past few months, our team has been working to develop Stamping; a tool that allows CANVAS users to take 2D images and project them onto a 3D model with just a few clicks. 

When you upload an image using the Stamp tool, CANVAS analyzes the image and creates groups of similar colors. Once these have been created, CANVAS uses the colors from your project and matches them to the groups of colors from the image. These can be changed to any color or it can be given a transparent background. Once all the color groups have been assigned to one of the four drive colors, the image is ready to be stamped onto the model.

This is a feature we are really excited about because it opens up the possibilities of what you can do with CANVAS. We’ve listed out some of our favorite applications of Stamping along with some step-by-step tutorials of how you can use the feature.


Add depth to your models

CAD and 3D modeling have a slight learning curve, and can be incredibly time-consuming. While these programs might make sense for certain situations, they can force users through a lengthy process for many others. Stamping was created to enable you to add new elements to your models without having to use such softwares.

Take something as simple as a single-color teapot and stamp a flower onto it, or a model of a leopard and stamp leopard spots on it. Now you have realistic prints with more depth.


Add Branding and Customization to your Prints 

As a business owner, it’s always a great idea to have branded products on hand - but doing so is not always easy or cheap. Stamping makes it simple so that you can take your 3D model, add your logo or company name, and assign your brand colors accordingly.


Personalize your items

3D prints make impressive gifts, decor, and functional items. When you use Stamping, you can personalize these prints in a way that saves you time while maintaining that impressive factor. You can easily customize your prints by finding clipart online or using graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Canva or other photo editing tools.  

There are a few ways to create clipart or texts that you can use as stamps.



  1. To create clipart:

    1. Create a new project.

    2. Using the Elements tool, create your desired image using different shapes, stickers, symbols, etc.

    3. Select Download and save the image as .png, .jpg or .jpeg to use on CANVAS.

  2. To create text images:

    1. Create a new design with custom dimensions.

    2. Using the Text tool, type out and format your text.

    3. Select Download and save the image as .png, .jpg or .jpeg to use on CANVAS.

Adobe Photoshop

  1. To create clipart:

    1. Start a new project and open the image you would like to use.

    2. Using the Quick Selection or Magnetic Lasso tool, trace out the border of your image. 

    3. Use the Move tool to either Cut or Copy your selection.

    4. From the menu bar, select File > New and change Background Contents to Transparent. 

    5. Paste your cut or copied image

    6. Select File and save the image as .png, .jpg or .jpeg to use on CANVAS.

  2. To create text images:

    1. Create a new project.

    2. Using the Type tool, type out and format your text.

    3. Select File and save the image as .png, .jpg or .jpeg to use on CANVAS.

Microsoft Word

  1. Using the Text Effects tool, type out and format your text.

  2. You can either: 

    1. Take a screenshot of the text.

    2. Copy your text, “Paste Special” in a new document and select PDF. Right click the resulting image and select "Save as Picture." Save the image as .png, .jpg or .jpeg to use on CANVAS.

You can also use font websites and screenshot your text to save them as images.

We know there are many other applications for Stamping and we can’t wait to see what you’re able to create with it. Make sure to share your prints with us on our Facebook group!

Thank you for your support thus far. We’re constantly trying to innovate and stay true to our goal of making multi-material 3D printing more powerful and accessible so be sure to keep your eyes out for more exciting updates this year!

- The Mosaic Team



Learn how to use stamping by watching the tutorial video.

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