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Finished! Fini! ¡Terminado! 完成!Komplett! Finito! Perfectus! !پایان


It’s here! It’s finally here! In the last month, we’ve boxed up the final Palettes for the Kickstarter campaign. And we couldn’t be more excited!

A few things in this update:

First, if you backed through the Kickstarter campaign, and have not already received your product, you have a Palette waiting for you in our facility that we would love to send you. Please check your email for a shipping invoice from us. If you can’t find one, please email

Second, we’ve put together a few statistics about our updates, campaign, and product/manufacturing inputs below.

Third, we take a moment to reflect on the journey that evolved from the Kickstarter campaign and to thank our amazing team of backers. 

Delivery & Fulfillment

As we mentioned in our last update, the month of January was about getting the last units of Palette out the door to the last of our Kickstarter backer community. We had a great month in production, and are happy to say that all Kickstarter units have been created, passed QC, and boxed (or shipped). 

Important: If you have not received your Palette yet, please email Jonny ( to get shipping sorted out!

Some Fun Stats...

For Palette: 3D Printing Evolved’s Kickstarter Campaign: 

  • Palette’s Kickstarter campaign spanned a total of 658 days from its launch to the time of this writing (April 21, 2015 - Feb 8, 2017).

  • We covered a total of 32 updates (33 including this one): roughly 1 every 3 weeks. 

  • These updates had a total page count of 120 pages (text only), in excess of 200 photos, and a grand total of 49,000 words. 

  • We’ve always believed transparency was essential in both Kickstarter campaigns and companies. This belief basically led us to write a book!

For Palette’s inputs:

To put the scale of the campaign into perspective, we used more than...

  • 1,900 stepper motors and 2,000 stepper drivers (we shocked more than a few of these and ended up shorting them out….) 

  • 800 sq feet of sheet metal 

  • 750 x 1kg spools of filament for development and quality control testing

  • 30,000+ hours of love

  • 7,500 hours of Palette print testing

...among many, many other components!

For the Mosaic team — this campaign precipitated the creation of:

  • 5 manufacturing jobs,

  • 8 product development jobs,

  • 3 business development jobs, and

  • 1 industrial design job

Our backer community came from a mix of 29 Countries, including: 

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


We couldn’t be more grateful for your support

Every individual who contributed to this campaign had a hand in launching the company that Mosaic has grown to be today.

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for taking a risk on us 650+ days ago, and believing that our team would fulfill the promises we made. 

We know it wasn’t always the smoothest journey. Our delivery timeline ended up being delayed by around ten to eleven months. We really appreciate everyone sticking with us through these times, and sending your support to our team. 

Now… here’s what’s next!

The Next Chapter

Documentation and UX Improvements - Derek, Brennan, Jonny, and Brandon are working hard to learn about your Palette experiences, and to improve your Palette experience. If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints, please send them to We’d love to learn in order to improve. 

Software - Over the next 12 months, keep your eye out for software releases from us. Our software will be focused on the next generation of desktop printing: multi-color, and multi-material printing. We’re reworking things from the ground up to continually improve your experience, and make the industry you love so much get to the next stage of its evolution. 

Partnerships - We’re working on a number of exciting deals to distribute Palette to all areas of the world. Keep your eyes peeled for Palette via your favorite printer resellers, materials companies, and printer manufacturers. 

One last thing…. We do plan to put out the occasional update from here on out. Expect these updates to be “Backers Only” updates, and have information on our newest software releases (including beta invites for those interested), as well as some behind the scenes info. 

We thought it’d be cool to offer occasional sneak peeks to you guys/gals and give you first dibs on some of the cool stuff we’re working on. 

These updates will be very occasional (every few months, instead of every month), and will likely be a lot shorter than those of the past, but will all be focused on something special, and new. 

As always, we’re around to support you and answer any questions you may have as you begin to move into the world of multi-filament 3D printing.

We thought we'd include a sampling of our favorite prints below:

Some of our favourite prints. More at!
Some of our favourite prints. More at!
Multi-Color Fidget Star (, remixed from the original Fidget Star by mathgrrl (
Multi-Color Fidget Star (, remixed from the original Fidget Star by mathgrrl (


P.S. Come join the discussion and share your prints at the forum at!

Thank you for joining us on this journey.




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