First Palette+ Batch Shipped!


We're thrilled to announce that the first batch of Palette+ units have been shipped!

We're very grateful for the support and excitement for the new and improved Palette+. For many of you who made pre-orders, your machine is on the way! 

Recap: Palette+'s biggest changes

Multi-Material - Solubles, PETG, PLA and flexibles (for advanced users) can now be used with with Palette+. Learn more about combining different materials together in the Palette+ Multi-Material 3D Printing Guide.

New Splicing Technology - Unlocks the multi-material potential mentioned above, but also makes every splice much more reliable. 

Chroma 2 - Our updated version of Chroma includes a simplified on-boarding process to get you up and printing, as well as the ability to handle a wider variety of .gcode flavors from a wider range of machines. Chroma 2 is backwards compatible with Palette (Original). 

New Firmware and UX - We took your feedback and implemented entirely new loading processes, a more responsive screen, and a number of new firmware features. 

Feedback from first Palette+ owners

Here's some of the feedback we've heard from the customers who have received their Palette+ units so far!

"The splices are out of this world better."

"I was AMAZED at how well the splices worked... I wound the produced filament onto a spool about 2 feet away from the palette and it didn't break or show signs of separation."

"And the @MosaicMfg [Palette+] produces it's first test print. Leaps and bounds better than the [Palette] in so many ways! #3DPrinting"

Pictures of progress

Here's a quick photo of our assembly room. These Palette+s have passed all stages of QC testing and are ready for one last cleanup before being boxed.


Palette+'s final stage of QC is a print test. We iterate on different designs for QC print tests to make sure they're representative of how Palette+ will be used in customers' homes. In the image below, our new QC print test is on the left and the old test is on the right.


Here you can see ~1/3 of the first batch waiting to be boxed up and shipped out! 

Here is some of the first batch waiting to be picked up by our courier (on Aug 1): 


With a bonus few Palette+ Upgrades getting ready to ship on the left!

Between July 31 and August 8, we shipped 58 Palette+ units. Many more new and upgraded units are on the way, too!

Lead Times

Given that our first batch is now out the door, our lead times have decreased significantly. We estimate that Palette+ units ordered today will ship in 3-4 weeks. 

That means that a Palette+ ordered today (Aug 8) will ship around the end of August!

We'll be in touch soon with more exciting news, multi-material prints, and early user reviews!


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  • I just got my upgraded Palette+ back and am running the calibration and setup now (It happens to be the open brown box on the left in the last photo of this blog post). I can already say the process is a whole lot smoother than the original Palette setup and the calibration print looks great. I can’t wait to start printing with exotic filaments!

    Christopher Elledge on

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