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Founded in 2011, Objex Unlimited was built around a suite of 3D printing and production services. From printing, to scanning, finishing and even the sale of machinery, Objex aims to be the one stop-shop-for all things 3D printing. This is not just limited to FFF and rapid prototyping, but also state-of-the-art 3D scanning, product development, laser sintering, multijet printing and stereolithography. Founder Steve Cory also aims to produce an unparalleled level of customer service and with a highly educated team of engineers, artists and project managers, seeks to provide the most effective solution for virtually any customer need.

The Challenge

Objex’s challenge for Mosaic was a little different than that of RockMass or Athletic Knit, since the implementation of Array and Element isn’t just tackling a specific production workflow or product, it’s tackling various other pain-points that are associated with large-scale 3D printing. Two of the biggest issues Steve had with his existing production systems were their cost-to-print and up-time requirements. In the case of the former, the individual materials while proprietary were also cost prohibitive, and that level of overhead made it difficult for Objex to accept certain print jobs that would leverage some of the newer, more advanced materials. Additionally, a key functional requirement of a 3D service bureau like Objex is redundancy and the ability to run identical print jobs concurrently. With legacy systems, that means buying any multiple of those machines, and when using higher-grade materials that could also double the cost and then some.

"One of the challenges that we certainly have in selling a print these days is cost. Some of the legacy large manufacturer machines are tied to specific materials which do cost  more money and they are often not flexible for us to try all of the different types of materials that have now come to market."

                                                -Steve Cory, Founder/President | Objex Unlimited

In the case of the latter, machine up-time was tied directly to operator availability. There was little to no flexibility when managing print files, as these legacy machines lack automation, remote job management and calibration, and would require a far greater level of operator attention in order to keep running. At the end of the day, this not only affects the operator but also means the customer has to wait longer for their part, going against the Objex mantra of using high-tech 3Dp solutions to address a customers toughest challenges. 

The Solution

To address the above challenges, Objex turned to the team at Mosaic and the Array 3D production system, as it would evidently check a lot of those important boxes.

Leveraging Array’s core automation features, Objex would not only gain the ability to print redundantly on what is essentially a single machine, but they could remotely manage and queue these jobs without the need for an operator to be physically present. The integrated storage cart and bed changeover unlocks a potential continuous run-time of over 72 hours, giving founder Steve exactly the weekend he wanted. 

Canvas allows both Element and Array to be operated remotely via an internet connection

“...the flexibility of the Array also enables us to take an order for PETG part, a Nylon part, and an Ultem part, and make them all overnight on one piece of equipment.”

Material flexibility and Array’s substantially lower total cost per print would then allow them to take on print jobs they may have been priced out of when using their existing machines relying on expensive materials. This would not only allow them to take on a greater number of jobs, but as we’ve seen in our TCPP Report, printing in large quantities with Array equates to longer term cost savings - it would effectively scale with an increasing print demand. 

The Future

“It’s been really exciting working with the team at Mosaic Manufacturing, and they really remind me of the people here at Objex Unlimited. Everybody is super engaged, excited, intelligent, and driving forward pushing this industry along.”

Having been given an initial look at both Element and Array, and working closely with the Mosaic Solutions team Steve and his team at Objex unlimited are keen to get their hands on a production model later in 2022. With a promising list of prospects that appeal to their high-voluming 3D printing workflow, they are keen to see how both products can help tackle some of the pain points they have identified in their current lineup of machines. Unlocking the ability to print in materials like PEEK, PEKK and Ultem 9085 would also allow Objex to appeal directly to the needs of industrial clientele and Mosaic Solutions echoes their goal of making customer ideals matter!

Are you a 3D printing service bureau interested in higher throughput technology? Email our solutions team at support@mosaicmfg.com to learn more about how Array can help you serve your customers!

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