Array + Element: Pilot Project Update

Array + Element: Pilot Project Update

As we progress towards delivery, our team wanted to take a few moments to send out an update on what’s been happening recently, what to expect moving forward, and provide details on when the first Array + Element units will be shipping out. 

In our last update, we mentioned that we are set for shipping of Array and Element in Q2 / Q3 of 2023, we are still on track for this timeline. This post will give a bit of insight into what’s happening in the next 6-9 months on Mosaic’s side in order to bring you your product in mid-2023. 

Upcoming Array and Element Pilot 

We’re rapidly approaching the kick off of our closed pilot program for both Array and Element. Our team is working with a small selection of customers in order to work out any initial hurdles when using Array. These customers are all local to our headquarters, allowing us to quickly work through any usability or technical issues that come up.

The first pilot customers are set to receive their Array and Element printers in December of this year. The pilot units are on-order, and on the way to our production facility in Ontario, Canada. These units will be assembled and quality control tested at this facility before shipping out to pilot customers. 

During the pilot, customers will be testing aspects such as: 

  • Printing in a variety of different materials, with various print settings (Array + Element)
  • File transfer, file workflows, communication (Array + Element)
  • Reliability and repeatability of printing (Array + Element)
  • Setup process, onboarding + training process (Array)
  • Automation system metrics and reliability (Array) 
  • Material handling (Array + Element) 
  • System monitoring and analytics (Array + Element)

By working through key aspects of the system now, our team will have 4-6 months to implement updates to firmware and software packages to ensure smooth, stable operation when your machine arrives. 

Production Ordering and Timing 

Once the pilot units are received, our team will be working hard to validate all the hardware components. Once this validation is complete, the first production batch of Array and Element units will be placed on order, moving us from pilot to full production.

This order will be happening in January. Factoring in lead times, assembly, and quality control time we estimate that products will begin shipping to customers in Q2 of 2023. 

As we move through production, our software and firmware teams will be focused on debugging based on pilot unit feedback, as well as continuing to work through our roadmap of features in order to prepare for delivery of the production units. 


Our focus with all developments here is ensuring that the products that reach your facility perform with the highest quality, repeatability, and reliability. 

Our implementation of the pilot program comes from learnings over our tens of thousands of Palette products that have been shipped to date. 

Rest assured that our team is working hard to bring you the best experience possible, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to