Mosaic in the Press

Mosaic in the Press

 "Mosaic and PolyUnity Announce Partnership to Scale 3D Printing In Healthcare"

- EIN Presswire

The partnership seeks to provide a platform that can advance and expedite the commercialization of health-tech innovations, through the use of 3D printing.

"NGen Supercluster Investment Supports All Canadian Partnership led by Mosaic Manufacturing"

- Financial Post 

Mosaic and partners Dyze Design and Matter & Form to collaborate on additive manufacturing systems designed to disrupt and modernize production processes

"There’s no way to compete with countries like China if you don’t have industry-leading automation"

- Toronto Star 

Local startups are developing ways to help bring manufacturing jobs back to Ontario.


"Mosaic Manufacturing Debuts the Array 3D Printing Product Line - Technical Specifications and Pricing"

- 3D Printing Industry 

3D printing hardware manufacturer Mosaic Manufacturing has announced a whole host of new 3D printing products.


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