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Maximize Throughput, Reduce Cost

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Automnous 3D printing to help you produce a large volume of parts as efficiently as possible.

Increased Throughput

With Array, you’ll gain access to parallelized production. You and your team will be able to print multiple jobs at the same time, and have your printers running 24 hours/day. One Array gives the equivalent throughput of 12 individual 3D printers.

Decrease Total Cost Per Part

By lowering the labour required per part, and increasing the uptime of your printer, you’ll be able to lower your total cost per part by between 50 to 90%. With a lower cost per part, you’ll be able to take on a wider variety of jobs and win more project bids.

Increased Uptime/Printer Efficiency

No more running into the shop to start prints after hours, or on weekends. By swapping out finished parts for empty print beds, Array’s Robotic System ensures that your printers are always up and running. Palette X handles your filament changing and lets you print the widest variety of materials in a fully automated way.

Fast ROI and High Profitability

Higher volumes mean a quicker payback period. Because of its high throughput and industry leading uptime, Array will pay itself back faster than other 3D printing system’s leading to more profitability and growth in the long term.

Scalable 3D Printing

Object Unlimited is one of the GTA’s largest 3D Printing bureaus. When they say rapid, thewy mean it, and autonmous 3D printing with Array will afford them the ability to dramtically increase total print output and really deliver on that promise.

Print examples from your industry

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