Material Compatibility & Suggested Print Settings

Palette supports different filament combinations. We’re constantly experimenting to find new material combinations that work together. Share your settings or testing requests with us at Suggested Splice Tuning settings for Palette+ can be found here and for Palette 2 (Pro) here.

Optimal print settings are different for every printer, but these values should be good to start with. If you already have good print settings with a particular material (e.g. PLA), use those settings if you are combining multiple filaments of that material (e.g. PLA + PLA + PLA + PLA).


Material Combinations Uses Print temp. (°C) Print speed (mm/s) Difficulty Notes/Tips
- Multi-color
185-210 30-75 Standard - Your normal PLA settings (temperature, speed).
PLA + Enabler - Soluble
(Enabler in water)
215 ~50 Standard - Your normal PLA settings (temperature, speed).
- Decrease the first layer speed if you experience adhesion issues. Successful PLA + Enabler print.