Product Development & End Use Parts

Automated 3D Printing for your Business

Utilize engineering grade materials and high throughput 3D printing at an accessible cost

Versatile Printing Solutions

Print in engineering grade materials for the strongest, most resilient parts. Or, create parts with branding, part serialization, or harness multiple colours to communicate your concepts in a new way.

Efficiency and Uptime

No more running into the shop to start prints after hours, or on weekends. By swapping out finished parts for empty print beds, Array’s Robotic System ensures that your printers are running. Palette X handles your filament changing and lets you print the widest variety of materials in a fully automated way.

Central Project Management

Unlock scaled 3D printing for your team. Canvas Teams will manage the submission and approval process, notifying your team when their print jobs are completed. Array’s Robotic System will print multiple jobs without the need for you to change out print beds, or swap out materials.

Join other industry leaders who have invested in Mosaic

Print functional parts, on demand

RockMass sought a cost-effective, and efficient means to both prototype and manufacture the outer components for their Axis Mapper product line. Using Mosaic FFF printers and materials, they were able to prototype and produce these components much faster than the conventional casting methods. Rockmass accomplished this while maintaining the strength and precision they come to expect in a final product.

Axis Mapper Chassis, prototyped in PETG and produced in CF PETG

Axis Mapper Sensor Mount, prototyped in PLA and produced in CF NYLON

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With a hot-end temp. of up to 500°C, Element is a powerful 3D printer, allowing you to print up to 8 materials in a single part to include rigid material, flexible materials, and soluble support material in your prints. 

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Expand throughput with Array’s automated bed changing and material handling systems. With incredible scalability, run the equivalent of 250 3D printers with a single operator, printing up to 8 materials in a single print, including PEEK, PEKK, and Ultem.

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