Modern 3D printing software.

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A Modern Software Experience

With a simplified interface, the ability to upload your favourite slicer profiles, and a streamlined flow for multi-material 3D printing.


Perfect for one material, built for multi-material. Save print time and material with features such as layer batching, infill transition, and more. With industry leading print quality, CANVAS is pushing the boundaries of what you can create with your 3D printer.


Apply color directly to your 3D models. Use textures, images or free form tools to define the perfect look. (Coming soon)


Save, organize, and track your print settings and models. Track what you’ve printed, the settings you’ve used, and the print outcomes to optimize print quality and reliability.


No installation required and access your account from anywhere. Plus get instant feature updates and notifications for new printer settings.

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CANVAS's features are currently all free!



Free slicing, base cloud storage, sharing, setup, simple multi-material features



Advanced features coming soon


Professional features coming soon

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Palette+ upgrades most filament-based (FFF/FDM) 3D printers to print in 4+ materials with only 1 extruder.

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Dear Palette owners: On July 31, 2017, we’ll begin shipping Palette+. We