High throughput. 
Low cost.


4 Element/ HT

3D Printers


4 Palette X

1 Per Element Printer


32 Material Pods

8 Per Element Printer


1 Cart

Stores Completed Print Beds


40 Print Beds

For Continuous Printing


1 Robotic Arm

Automatically Removes/Replaces Print Beds

Why Array

Large build volume and automated print monitoring means low downtime and high throughput.

Print up to 8 materials in a single part with industrial materials, including PEEK, PEKK 
and Ultem.

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With one operator able to run the equivalent of 250 3D printers, 3D printing large production volumes is finally possible.

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Increase your throughput by 10x

Increase your throughput by 10x

Array's robotic system swaps out materials and print beds to ensure your printers are running even when you're not around.

Manage Team Workflow With Canvas

Control all your printing workflows with Canvas. With smart queueing, detailed dashboards and project management you have full control of your print queue and key performance metrics.

Reduce your cost per part by up to 95%

With Array's high throughput and low-cost base, see your cost per part drop by up to 95%. Input your best estimates in our total cost per part calculator and one of our representatives will get in touch to give you a sense of how Array will impact your bottom line. 


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Spend your time where it counts

Rely on Array's bed removal and material changing systems so your team spends less time working with printers and more time on other activities.

Unlock ultimate flexibility with Palette X

Unlock ultimate flexibility with Palette X

Print with up to 8 materials in a single part to unlock an entirely new range of prints. Mosaic's Palette X technology brings a new dimension to your parts.

Industry Leading Support And Service

Our customers always come first. Access Mosaic's top tier local support, warranty and optional Service Plans to ensure your Array is running for years to come

Premium White Glove Setup

Our Mosaic Ambassadors install, setup and train your teams about the ins and outs of how Array works. From your first print to mass scale production, we will have you up and running in no-time.

Spec Sheet

Download the official spec sheet for Array


High throughput. Low Cost. Minimal downtime.