P2S and P2S Pro Upgrade Packages

P2S and P2S Pro Upgrade Packages

Bring your Palette 2 and 2 Pro into the next generation 

We do everything we can to help give our community of users the best experience with our products. When designing products, we look to make things modular and upgradeable wherever possible. Because of this approach to design, we're able to launch two new products to help our current user base. We’re incredibly excited to announce the release of the Palette 2S and Palette 2S Pro Upgrade packages.

These packages will turn your Palette 2 and 2 Pro into a Palette 2S/2S Pro. The upgrades include everything you’ll need to get the best results from your Palette. The upgrade process is able to be completed in less than one hour, with only a single tool. 

Below we’ll cover what’s included in this package, and why these are important to your Palette printing experience. 

Palette 2S Splice Core Pro

The most advanced, fastest splice core yet, the Palette 2S Splice Core Pro splices up to 10% faster than the Original Splice Core Pro. This additional speed means fewer restrictions on your print settings leading to faster prints. 

With the original Splice Core Pro, we spend a ton of time optimizing materials and tolerances. Because of this, we had to re-think how we could gain more speed with our current limitations. The answer here was in optimizing and modifying the way the Palette 2S Splice Core Pro is heated, and making modifications to the algorithm running on the 2S Splice Core Pro.

We’ve also made a few aesthetic tweaks to give a fresh new look to your Palette.



Palette 2S Splice Core

The Palette 2S Splice core is 10% faster than the original Palette 2 Splice core. We re-engineered the materials and dimensions of the Palette 2 Splice core in order to optimize it for quicker splicing. 

The Palette 2S Splice Core uses next generation splicer tubes, with thinner side walls, in order to increase the speed of heat and cooling. This will give Palette 2 owners the ability to increase their splicing speed, removing some of the limitations on print settings. 

Next-Generation Drive Arms: 

To give more control of the filament inside of Palette, we’ve modified the geometry of the Palette 2S Drive arms. These changes will allow Palette to have more reliable control over the filament, especially when dealing with semi-flexible or TPU based materials. 

One of the benefits of Palette 2 over Palette+ was the ability to quickly diagnose and remove broken filament from the filament path. Over 90% of the path was visible to you when operating your Palette 2; however, broken filament could be located in the drive arms and be hidden from view.

In order to fix this issue, we’ve made the drive arms on the Palette 2S/S Pro transparent. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the status of your Palette, and any potential material inside your system. 

Updated Switches

Palette has a number of sensors and switches inside it which allow it to understand the position and presence of filament at any given time. One of these switches, the homing switch, is located right after the cutter wheel.

Occasionally, filament would make contact with the switch in the wrong way and cause it to break. Based on these occasions, we moved the location of the switch in order to reduce the occurrence of these impacts and breakages. 

Aesthetics and design is important to us as well, we updated all the switches in the ‘S’ versions to White LED’s, which gives the internals of Palette a new, fresh look. 


We noticed that, over extended use, some of our customers had issues with stripping thumbscrews. Given that we never want you to be without something you need, we made the decision to include our updated thumbscrews in the Upgrade Packages. 

Each Upgrade Package will come with a full set of 8 thumbscrews, as well as an additional thumbscrew for your Palette’s 2S Splice Core/2S Pro Splice Core. 


The Palette 2S Upgrade Package will be available for $99 USD until December 4th, 2019. After this date, it will be available for $125 USD.

The P2S Pro Upgrade Package will be available for $125 USD until December 4th, 2019. After this date, it will be available for $149 USD.