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Large build volume with automated print management and bed removal means low downtime and high throughput.

Automatically prioritizes, schedules and starts part production based upon printer availability and material needs.

Enhanced material management with automated switching of up to 8 materials on each printer.

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Multiple colors, infinite potential


Multiple colors, infinite potential

  • Our 3rd generation Palette
  • Intelligent material monitoring ensures your prints finish intact even if you run out of material.
  • Unlock 8 material/color 3D printing

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Print high temperature materials

ELEMENT 3d printer with Palette x

Print high temperature materials

Building off our 3rd generation Palette platform, we developed Element for robust output, pushing the envelope of 3D printed materials with high temp compatibility. The only printer with built-in 8 Material 3D printing capabilities.

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Increase your throughput by 10x

ARRAY ‑ Automated 3d printing

Increase your throughput by 10x

Meet Array - a fully automated production powerhouse. Everything Mosaic has to offer in one package - 4 printers, 32 materials, automated print queuing and build plate removal for maximum productivity.

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Our customers always come first. We offer a wide array of support options so you'll always have experts on hand available to guide you and ensure you experience maximum throughput with our products. From white glove, in-person setup, to remote onboarding our team is here to ensure you're successfully up and running.

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