3D Printing Software

Prepare, manage, and monitor your print jobs through Mosaic's Canvas platform.


Customize, Store, Prepare & Print
Free with Palette and Element.


With Canvas' Paint and Stamp tools, you can customize your 3D models for multi-material 3D printing.


Canvas allows you to organize, store and share your 3D models, .gcode files, and printer settings in a simple and intuitive interface.


Experience Canvas' straightforward slicing process, with material and printer presets. Or, import your slicing profile to keep your favorite settings.


Export your files to USB or print directly over Wi-Fi to Palette, Element or Array.


Monitor your print progress across all Mosaic printers within Canvas. From general printer status to live webcam views of your print progress.


The Canvas platform is optimized for mobile. Check the status of your prints while you are on-the-go.

Canvas Teams

Central management for your team’s 3D printing projects.

Set permissions, manage projects, prepare, print and monitor progress. Ensure your team is always up to date with the latest files and print status. Inquire for pricing options

Set Team 

Create roles for your team for maximum productivity. Set who can contribute, start and manage prints and administer the team.

Project Management

Import and store your teams 3D design files. Share projects and settings with the whole team for easy access and re-printing.

Central 3D Printer Access

Import and share all of your Mosaic 3D Printers for the team to prepare and send prints. Get Team-wide access to the status of each printer and it’s availability.

Canvas Array

Automated 3D Printing Platform.

Smart Queuing

Automatically prioritizes, schedules and starts 3D print jobs based upon printer availability and material needs.

Real-time Monitoring

Instant access to all of your current jobs including time remaining and open printers. Keep track of how many print beds are complete as well as how many are remaining for any upcoming print jobs.

Component Management

Get Real-time status of:

  • 3D Printer status
  • Temperature (Print head, bed & chamber)
  • Materials (Type/Remaining supply)
  • Storage capacity
  • Gantry health

Print Jobs

Get detailed information about all current and completed print jobs within the system. See how many prints remain, easily re-prioritize upcoming print jobs and click down to for a detailed job view.

and a whole lot more...

The list goes on and on.. Canvas Array has everything your team needs to get the most out of your investment. Plus our engineers are continually updating and adding new features based on feedback from our customers.
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3D Printing Software