3D Printing Software

Slice, manage, and monitor your print jobs through Mosaic's Canvas platform.


Customize, Store & Slice


With Canvas' Paint and Stamp tools, you can customize your 3D models for multi-color and multi-material 3D printing.


Canvas allows you to organize, store and share your 3D models, .gcode files, and printer settings in a simple and intuitive interface.


Experience Canvas' straightforward slicing process, with material and printer presets. Or, bring in your slicing profile to keep your favorite settings.

Canvas Teams

Manage your team's print jobs

Permissions, file sharing, job creation and print management. Ensure your team is always up to date when their print job is complete.


Set up your organization and control who has access to different permissions. Control who can send files, manage projects, start prints, and more.

Project Management

Notify team members when their projects are completed, and see a queue of pending projects yet to be printed.

Version Control

Visualize the lifetime of a project on Canvas, including settings, transforms, print jobs and comments.

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Canvas Teams

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Canvas Array

Control for scaled 3D printing

Advanced Queuing

Slice your 3D models and based on time estimates and available materials Canvas will work out which printer will create each part.

System Overview

Monitor your project progress, upcoming print queue, and your key metrics in a simple and intuitive dashboard.


Manage your materials inventory and compare it against current queues to stay ahead of your production needs.

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Control for scaled
3D printing

Canvas Array