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Founded in 2014

Our Mission

Mosaic is a digital manufacturing company creating the next generation of product delivery systems. Founded in 2014, Mosaic began by enabling 3D printers to create substantially more useful and valuable products. Now, we’re working to scale this technology to help millions of people get value from the upcoming waves of customization and personalization.

  • Stable Multi-Material 3D Printing
  • State of The Art Capabilities
  • 3D Manufacturing for Production
  • Shorten Development Times

Most 3D printers in the world are limited to building parts that are a single color and single material. Those that do print parts in multiple materials often produce delicate parts that degrade in strength after just a few weeks. These limitations significantly reduce the value of the parts that can be printed, and the breadth of applications they can be used for.

Fused-Filament Fabrication (FFF) has always been the technology of choice for printing end use parts because of its ability to use engineering grade materials which are durable and stable over time.

These properties are necessary when using additive manufacturing to directly print durable products. Now, combining the advantages of FFF with the advantages of Mosaic’s SEEM technology, stable multi-material printing delivers the best of both worlds.

Capable of printing with most materials in the polymer family, multi- material FFF printing is incredibly versatile. Printable polymer material properties can range from impact resistance elastomers, all the way to fibre reinforced structural materials with hundreds of specialized options available in between. The mass consumption of stable polymers at an industrial scale means that most are widely available, affordably priced as commodities, and have decades of testing and optimization behind them.

Mosaic's ecosystem of advanced multi-material technology has allowed the value and utility of FFF printed parts to increase significantly. With the specialization of the Canvas software platform, the maturity of SEEM technology, and integrations with some of the most capable printers on the market, Mosaic has defined a new standard for multi-material 3D printing across the industry.

Through the utilization of multiple materials, brands are now able to design and manufacture functional, branded products in an entirely new way. As we get closer to printing products than  product components, additive manufacturing becomes drastically more compelling, simplify the supply chain and allowing for savings in labor, toolings, and overall product complexity. Creating this infrastructure, and enabling 3D printers to create useful and functional products is pulling FFF printing into manufacturing operations around the globe.

We believe in helping shorten designs cycles and bringing better products to market faster. Through the integration of automation and additive manufacturing technology, Mosaic is at the bleeding edge of 3D manufacturing at scale. 

Mosaic Array has been designed from the ground up to minimize the total part costs and to maximize the productivity of every square foot on the factory floor. From initial capital outlays, operating expenses, and consumable costs, Mosaic Array has been created to minimize your costs and maximize your facility’s productivity.

As distributed 3D manufacturing becomes economically viable in new markets, product supply chains are becoming shorter, innovation is improving, and better products are making it to market faster. We are proud to be working closely with incredible global partners on meaningful applications and pioneering this new frontier of product manufacturing.

In 2018, 3D printing has taken over as the prototyping tool of choice. Transitioning from 3d printing to traditional volume production methods can take anywhere between 4 - 12 months depending on the product and complexity.

Using the same tools for production and prototyping allows for this transition process to virtually be eliminated. Removing this slow and expensive shift from the product development cycle improves speed to market, adds flexibility to the supply chain, and can drive millions of dollars in revenue to manufacturers.

Mosaic Array™

Introducing the world's first multi-material 3D printing system designed for the factory floor.

Finished part storage bins

Automated part removal station

Moisture-controlled filament bays

Palette 2 Pro powered independent dual extruder print units

Modular print towers house 5 print units

Build platform retrieval gantry

Fully-enclosed system

Automated, Multi-Material Manufacturing

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Meet Our Team

Mitch Debora

CEO & Co-Founder

Derek Vogt

CTO & Co-Founder

Chris Labelle

COO & Co-Founder

Brandon Bloch

CANVAS Technical Lead

Adalyn Ordono

Customer Success Representative

Bobby Wood

Palette 2 Software Lead

Mike Lee

Software Developer

Jonny Yeu

Customer Success Lead

Bruno Inuggi

Electronics & Firmware Developer

Jenny Kim

Mechanical Engineer

Tom Kittner

Firmware Developer

Alireza Oliazadeh

Palette 2 R&D and Manufacturing Lead

Khoi Pham

Full-stack Developer

Manmeet Singh

Customer Success Representative

Shannon Lee

Mechanical Engineer

Ryan Wang

Mechanical Engineer