3D Printing Evolved

The Beginning

In 2014 Mosaic introduced their patented SEME technology enabling multi‑material 3D printing at an accessible price point. Their technology has become the most widely used multi‑material technology on the market.

In 2021, Mosaic is pushing the boundaries of 3D printing at scale and working to bring 3D printing to the factory floor.

Transforming the 3D Landscape

The power of 3D printing comes from its fast turnaround times, flexibility, and ability to customize output. These aspects have pushed 3D printing as the go‑to prototyping tool for decades ‑ but due to a high cost per part and lack of scalability 3D printing has never jumped the gap to scaled production applications.

By leveraging software and automation Mosaic is revolutionizing the economics and scalability of 3D printing to unlock applications that have never been possible before.

Our Mission

Bring 3D printing to the factory floor.


Increase your part throughput without scaling your team

Cost Effective

Manage your costs at scale in order to hit your targets


Achieve consistent output through an automated process