Bringing additive manufacturing to the factory floor.

Founded in 2014

Our Mission

Mosaic is a digital manufacturing company creating the next generation of product delivery systems. Founded in 2014, Mosaic began by enabling 3D printers to create substantially more useful and valuable products. Now, we’re working to scale this technology to help millions of people get value from the upcoming waves of customization and personalization.

Meet Our Team

Mitch Debora

CEO & Co-Founder

Derek Vogt

CTO & Co-Founder

Chris Labelle

COO & Co-Founder

Brandon Bloch

CANVAS Technical Lead

Adalyn Ordono

Customer Success Representative

Bobby Wood

Palette 2 Software Lead

Mike Lee

Software Developer

Jonny Yeu

Customer Success Lead

Bruno Inuggi

Electronics & Firmware Developer

Jenny Kim

Mechanical Engineer

Tom Kittner

Firmware Developer

Alireza Oliazadeh

Palette 2 R&D and Manufacturing Lead

Khoi Pham

Full-stack Developer

Manmeet Singh

Customer Success Representative

Shannon Lee

Mechanical Engineer

Ryan Wang

Mechanical Engineer

Alina Tsimbaliouk

Customer Success Representative

Ainishah Hemraj

Head of Partnerships & Sales