Q1 2019 Update: Palette 2 Warranty, Lead Times, & Product Improvements

Q1 2019 Update: Palette 2 Warranty, Lead Times, & Product Improvements

Hi everyone!

We’ve been absolutely blown away by the community response to our Palette 2 line of products since they began shipping. We’ve seen stunning prints, new use cases for functional multi-color and multi-material printing, and community-built software to help Palette users operate their Palettes with a wider variety of slicers.

We’ve also received lots of questions about lead times, our next firmware releases, upcoming CANVAS features, and when CANVAS is going to be leaving beta (v1.0). We want to answer those questions and share what we’ll be focused on in the next few months. Also — we'll highlight some of the creative and challenging prints from our community of customers. You can see these prints (and attributions) at the end of this post!

If you haven’t updated your Palette 2/Pro's firmware in 2019, we highly recommend you do so. The latest firmware improves stability and offers improved setup screens.

What’s happened during the past few months?

Palette 2 is now back in stock. Now with Free Shipping in Canada, USA, and EU!

We recently received our most recent production run at our warehouses. If you’ve been holding off on purchasing a Palette 2 because of lead times, now is your chance! Orders should ship in 1-2 business days. We’ve also shipped another batch of Palette 2, Palette 2 Pro, and CANVAS Hubs to Amazon which arrived late last week. As of this writing, all three are in stock on Amazon.

New: longer warranty for all Palette 2 units (including past customers)!

Based on community feedback and our continued stress testing, we’ve decided to extend the warranty on all Palette 2 & Palette 2 Pro units. If you have already purchased a P2/P2 Pro, this will apply to your unit automatically. It will also apply to all P2/P2 Pro units sold in the future as well. The new default warranties are:

Palette 2: 12 months or 25,000 splices (increased by 9 months and 10,000 splices)
Palette 2 + Extended Warranty: 24 months or 50,000 splices (increased by 12 months)
Palette 2 Pro: 24 months or 50,000 splices (increased by 12 months)

CANVAS Beta Improvements & Other Palette Slicing Options

There are still a few bugs present in the CANVAS Beta that we’re working on (it is still in beta, after all). There are also several different aspects of the platform that we're working to improve. These changes include:

  • Increasing the speed of slicing
  • Increasing the reliability of slicing (i.e. reducing internal server errors)
  • Increasing the speed of plating
  • Creating a new interface for the movement, rotation, and scaling of parts and transition tower[s]
  • Reducing the occurrences of ‘Oops’ pages
  • Ability to modify the name of your file after you slice

For those who are not interested in CANVAS (yet), you may also use Chroma (downloadable, local), or P2PP (a community-made plugin to use Slic3r with Palette 2) to prepare files for Palette. There is a P2PP help group here.

Firmware Releases (& Fixes for "Rogue Lines")

We’ve also fixed several bugs that were causing some challenges for Palette owners, including:

  • Fixing the rogue line issues (as pictured below)
  • Fixing ‘Error 43’ occurrences when printing with CANVAS Hubs
  • Fixing freezing issues during ‘Initializing’ screen

You can find full Palette 2 firmware update notes here (link). For those of you who haven't updated firmware recently (since Feb 14, 2019), we highly suggest you do so. This should noticeably improve print reliability for those with consistent 3D printers.

Wrapping up: stunning user prints!

To wrap things up, here are some of the exciting prints which have come from Palette 2’s early users. Below you can see a random selection that were pulled from our Facebook User Group. You can see more user prints by checking out the collection of prints here!

Tiger Head by Manuel Serrano
Feline Head printed by Manuel Serrano


Colorful "Quilling Style" Fish printed by Melanie M, a new P2 owner (& new to 3DP). Model.

Cheshire Cat printed by HF Man. 21-hour print with 626 splices.

Bob-omb printed by Rob Con, a 16.5-hour print with 499 splices.

Original design and print of a logo for a Cuban baseball team by Keithy Whites.  

21.5" tall original design of a missile model by Jason Marjorie Gill.

We couldn’t be more excited about what we have in the works for you — we believe that the technologies we’re introducing in a few months will completely change the paradigm of multi-material 3D printing. 

Keep your eyes out for more news to come! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@mosaicmfg.com.

— The Mosaic Team

P.S. Are you a Palette user? We’re running a weekly contest in our Facebook group around Palette prints; check out the rules and submissions here!