Sneak Peek: Palette 2 Integrated Printers

Sneak Peek: Palette 2 Integrated Printers

At Mosaic, one of primary stances is that we want to remain universal. We exist to help all 3D printer users create a wider range of useful prints, and to be the driving force behind the industry’s shift from single material to multi-material 3D printing.

We believe that for FFF 3D printing to become more widely adopted—a de facto standard in the homes of the next generation—it must:

  1. Create prints that users perceive to be valuable, and
  2. Be simple enough to use so that a broad number of people can create these valuable prints.

The printers of today have become simpler and simpler to use; however, the value of the objects they’re printing has largely remained unchanged. Since our founding in 2014, we've focused on allowing printers to create more valuable objects. With our August 2018 launch, we’ve stayed true to that goal by releasing our new multi-material ecosystem to enable a wider range of 3D printer users to access multi-color and multi-material 3D printing.

This spans across our new hardware products (Palette 2, Palette 2 Pro, and CANVAS Hub) and CANVAS, our new software platform. Together, these products & platforms form an ecosystem that significantly reduce barriers to entry for multi-material 3D printing.

But we’re taking it a step further.

Palette 2 and Palette 2 Pro are being integrated into select 3D printers to enable multi-material 3D printing as a native feature. When Palette 2 is working with the 3D printer, it creates a more beautiful and elegant experience.

Alongside the release of Palette 2, we’re incredibly excited to announce upcoming partnerships with the following industry leaders:

The goal of some of these partnerships is to release a new generation of 3D printers, powered by Mosaic’s Palette 2 technology and CANVAS platform.

Select Palette 2 integrated printers will feature aspects like one-touch printing, operation from a single user interface, and will be able to speak directly with CANVAS over WiFi.

Overall, these integrated 3D printers will provide a multi-material workflow that rivals single-material workflows in their simplicity—lowering technical barriers and allowing everyone to access this new generation of 3D printing.

Keep your eyes out for more info on these integrated printers in early-2019… Lots more exciting news coming your way soon!

- The Mosaic Team