Mosaic Element & PolyUnity : Empowering Healthcare with 3D Printing

Check out our new video testimonial for more information on how Element is powering PolyUnity’s AMaaS platform.

PolyUnity’s purpose is to improve healthcare by empowering healthcare workers to create product innovations that lead to patient solutions. Through the utilization of 3D printing, PolyUnity is putting production capability in the hands of frontline healthcare workers and allowing them to drive innovation within their organization. 

Healthcare organizations around the world face enormous challenges associated with delivering the highest quality of care, in the fastest time, with the resources available to them. In addition, the supply chain challenges in recent years have driven the demand for healthcare facilities to adopt new methods of implementing technology and creating a new approach to increasing the quality of patient care.

PolyUnity offers Additive Manufacturing as a Service (AMaaS) to empower healthcare organizations to create custom, patient specific parts on demand. AMaaS gives healthcare organizations access to powerful additive solutions, while ensuring they are able to get over the roadblocks to adoption such as design for additive manufacturing, material selection, and model iteration. 

PolyUnity has adopted the Element / HT 3D printer in their workflow to ensure healthcare organizations can access the broadest range of 3D printing materials, at an accessible price.

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