Mosaic Element & PolyUnity : Empowering Healthcare with 3D Printing

Mosaic Element & PolyUnity : Empowering Healthcare with 3D Printing

The Challenge

Since its founding, PolyUnity Tech Inc has been leading the charge in using additive manufacturing to help improve lives and healthcare outcomes. They first founded the MUNMed3D Network to address a need for 3D printing in remote healthcare facilities across Newfoundland. From there, they recognized the benefits of establishing a wider network of remote and automated 3D printing across the country and beyond. Expanding on that idea has been their mission ever since.

Healthcare organizations around the world face enormous challenges associated with delivering the highest quality of care, in the fastest time, with the resources available to them. More recently, the supply chain challenges of the COVID-era have driven the demand for healthcare facilities to adopt new technologies, to produce equipment they need in-house.


Check out our new video testimonial for more information on how Element is powering PolyUnity’s AMaaS platform.


PolyUnity offers Additive Manufacturing as a Service (AMaaS) to empower healthcare organizations to create custom, patient specific parts on demand. AMaaS gives healthcare organizations access to powerful additive solutions, while ensuring they are able to get over the roadblocks to adoption such as design for additive manufacturing, material selection, and model iteration.


The Solution

Deeper remote operation and automation are the key components for bringing PolyUnity’s vision for broader AMaaS to life. Starting with their Mosaic Element HT, they see it as the first step in making fused filament fabrication (FFF) printing even more accessible to healthcare professionals.

Initially, PolyUnity sought Element simply to produce large, high quality FFF parts. However, they soon found other features like remote operation through Canvas and high-temperature printing -- coupled with Mosaic's robust library of materials--  would allow them to tackle a growing number of jobs.


The Future

While currently Element acts as a central testing machine for prototyping, PolyUnity envisions a future where a network of Arrays, coupled with their I3D software platform, will allow healthcare centers to easily produce the parts they require, on site. An entire hospital will service their needs with a single Array, pulling files designed by PolyUnity from the I3D Database, and managing jobs remotely with through Canvas Teams.

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