Introducing Element and Element HT: Powerful, Reliable, Flexible

Mosaic, founded in 2014 to establish the industry standard for multi-material 3D printing, is launching our first series of 3D printers. These printers allow you to access the most flexibility when it comes to printing in both high strength materials, and multiple materials in a single part.

Element’s 14” x 14” x 14” build volume gives you the flexibility to print large parts, or multiple smaller parts in a single print. Leveraging Palette X technology, Element will allow you to create parts in up to 8 colors or materials - unlocking a new range of output to create functional and aesthetic prints.

With all the benefits of Element, Element HT allows for you to print PEEK and Ultem parts due to its 500°C hotend, and 80°C actively heated chamber. These high temperatures combined with Element’s hardened steel print head components, and compatibility with 3rd party materials allows for ultimate flexibility.

Mosaic’s Element 3D printer line gives you the simplest workflow, with industry leading reliability and functionality. Because Element was designed to power Mosaic’s automated printing system, Array, they’ve both been engineered for high throughput factory floor applications. 



Automated Filament Management

Material management and material swaps between prints are one of the most inefficient parts of the 3D printing process. Between pre-heating, swapping, extruding, and priming you spend a lot of time unnecessarily working through the swapping of one material for another. 

Element removes this interaction from the 3D printing process, and manages your filament library in a fully automated way. Element runs off of Mosaic’s reusable Material Pods. Just place your Mosaic Material inside your Material Pods, clip your Pod on the side of your Element and Element will take care of the rest.

Attach up to 8 Material Pods to Element. Automatically the Material Pods will read which Mosaic Material is inside, and send that information directly to Canvas. When you slice with a certain material, that material will be fed from your Material Pod, through Palette X and into Element’s extruder. Your print will start, and when complete your Element will be waiting to feed the next print’s material into the extruder without any intervention by you.

The Material Pod’s are an intelligent dry box keeping your filament dry, monitoring conditions inside, and automating material loading with an on board motor. This process ensures that you have an incredibly simple workflow, and are able to manage your material library in an intuitive way. 



Mosaic’s 3D Printing Software Platform, Canvas, allows you to run your organization’s entire 3D printing workflow in a single place. From project management, to model customization, to slicing and file transfer, Canvas acts as the hub for your 3D printing workflow. 

Canvas allows you to upload, customize and slice your 3D models for your Element 3D printer. Canvas’ project management tools ensure that you’re able to access your preferred print and material settings, and track changes made to a specific project’s settings over time. Canvas will come complete with a library of pre-sets for Mosaic Materials, giving you the benefit of thousands of hours of testing and tuning Mosaic has completed across thousands of hours of testing on Element 3D printers. 

Canvas is where you will control and monitor your Element. Element comes with an integrated camera for remote monitoring, allowing you to check in on the status of your print jobs even after you’ve left to go back home.

Paint and Stamping tools, unique to Canvas, allow you to customize your models to add serial numbers, logos, or multiple colors in a simple and straightforward manner. Additionally, ‘painting supports’ allows you to choose exactly where you want support material to be printed, leading to faster print times and higher quality output.

Canvas Teams (coming soon) enables your organization to have multiple users submit projects to a central operator, ensuring your team is kept in the loop with the progress of their print projects and your operator is able to organize requests in a straightforward way. 


Multi-material 3D printing

Element comes complete with the ability to print up to 8 materials in a single part. This multi-material printing functionality is due to Mosaic’s Patented Palette X technology, the industrial-ready version of Palette 3. 

Multi-material 3D printing is incredibly helpful when it comes to printing parts for any of the following purposes: 

  • Parts with breakaway or soluble support material
  • Engineering models/prototypes (jet engine pic) 
  • Architecture models 
  • Serialized parts 

Palette X is what enables the automated filament management system mentioned earlier in this post, and gives you the most control of your 3D printing materials when compared to any other system on the market today. 

Modular design

Given that Element was designed to be the printer inside of Mosaic’s Array Automated 3D Printing system, Element were designed in a modular way in order to minimize any potential downtime. 

Key components like Element’s Print Head and Print Head HT are able to come off without tools, leading to simpler and quicker maintenance and swapping. 

This modularity means your printer will be down less, and printing more. 


Element’s modular built platform is made from a resilient grade of spring steel allowing parts to easily be removed by simply bending the platform away from the part - no more scrapers and chisels.

Large build volume

Designed to handle the most rigorous requirements, Element was built with a 14” x 14” x 14” build chamber. This large build chamber means Element are able to handle a wider variety of projects, or print more parts in a shorter time period. 

Unified Printing Experience

Element comes with a number of additional features and benefits, ensuring you have everything you need for an optimal printing experience.

Closed Build Chamber and HEPA Filter: With a closed build chamber and included filtering systems you can be sure that any chemicals or irritants from the printing process are filtered and contained.

Wifi Connectivity: With integrated wifi connectivity, you can transfer files and start prints from your computer. Wifi connectivity simplifies your file management, and printing workflow to ensure you’re able to have the simplest printing experience possible.

Transition Densifier: Element comes complete with a transition densifier in order to handle any transition material when going from one material to another. This densifier ensures that you’re able to properly purge your nozzle, and manage your multi-material 3D printing transition material.

This densifier will reduce your overall transition material, as you will not be required to build a transition tower. For any individuals who have used our Palette technology in the past, this densifier enables a controlled and optimized version of side transitioning. 

Mosaic Materials

With a focus on reliability and performance, we have developed a plug-n-play line of materials expertly tuned for printing on Element and Element HT with Mosaic Material Pods. With Mosaic Materials, Element is able to automatically detect and populate materials loaded into Canvas. The Material Pod is designed to work with custom features on the Mosaic Materials spool allowing for reliable feeding, retraction, and reading.

Multi-material printing requires long retractions of filament that can cause tangles without using the Material Pod which has integrated automated rewinding. For this reason, multi-material printing using 3rd party filaments is not recommended on Element.

With Mosaic materials we are breaking the pattern of printer specific materials being expensive. We believe that by providing a premium quality materials expertly tuned for Element at prices comparable to market standards then we can create a win-win. On Element, the choice is yours what materials you use but we believe that after trying Mosaic materials it simply won’t make sense to use anything else.

In addition to a line of traditional materials such as ABS, TPU, PC, and many others, we have worked with our material partners to develop 2 incredible materials that we believe will be workhorses on Element, Origin and Matrix. Matrix is a carbon fiber reinforced composite with excellent strength, durability and surface finish. Origin is designed to be a more affordable PETG based composite with similar strength and increased stiffness when compared to Matrix. 



Element HT's heated chamber allows for the printing of industrial grade material. Element HT starts at $9,999 USD. 

High temperature 3D printing 

Element HT comes with the ability to print the high strength, high temperature Mosaic Materials - including PEEK, PEKK, and Ultem. These materials require hot end temperatures above those of a normal professional 3D printer, as well as a heated chamber and a heated build platform. 


Your 3D Printing Experience, Evolved

Element were engineered for the simplest experience, and the most demanding applications. By leveraging Mosaic’s expertise at enabling industrial functionality at a professional price, our engineering team has been able to create a platform to give you the most powerful printing output on the market. 

Learn more about Element and Element HT here

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