About Us

Mosaic Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 2014 - our mission is to accelerate the adoption of Direct Digital Fabrication. Direct Digital Fabrication (in English) is the automation of manufacturing processes which are capable of manufacturing fully personalized goods for the mass market.

Basically - Instead of buying goods that are sized, “Large,” for shirts, or “12” for shoes - these goods will be created specifically for you, based on your listed preferences and product purchase history.

Twenty years ago, the media we consumed was created by a few large corporations. Today, the wave of social media has enabled everyone to be a content creator. We’re working to enable this type of shift with physical products - Direct Digital Fabrication will put the power of production in the hands of consumers.

Wait. So….. how does color 3D printing tie in to Direct Digital Fabrication?

Our company is all about customization and personalization. Color 3D printing is the beginning of the journey to personalized parts and products.

Our technology is about enabling multiple filaments (multiple colors) to be used through a single extruder. Moving past color, a focus is being placed on multi-material hardware, and the accompanying software that will be required to make this tech accessible to everyone.

Our software platform will allow average consumers to customize the multi-color and multi-material products they’re receiving off of the 3D printers of today.

This customization platform, combined with our patent pending material binding approach, will help bring Direct Digital Fabrication, and fully personalized products to the masses.

….and it all starts with color.



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