Cost effectively print surgical guides, educational models, and medical tools

Print surgical guides in PEEK, or cost effective, multi-material parts as visual aids to better serve patients and make procedures a success.

Increase Throughput

With Array, you’ll gain access to parallelized production. You and your team will be able to print multiple jobs at the same time, and have your printers running 24 hours/day. One Array gives you the equivalent throughput of 12 individual 3D printers.

Multi-Material 3D Printing

Access the ultimate level of flexibility in your printed output by harnessing Mosaic’s proprietary Palette X technology. Create educational models highlighting certain components in multiple colors and surgical guides with geometric freedom due to soluble support material.

Central Project Management (Software)

Unlock scaled 3D printing for your team. Canvas Teams will manage the submission and approval process, notifying your team when their print jobs are completed. Array’s Robotic System will print multiple jobs without the need for you to change out print beds, or swap out materials giving you the highest output with the lowest time requirement.

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Vital Surgical Aids with FFF

3D printing has been used in thousands of surgeries around the world with countless stories of how it has brought measurable value to the surgical planning process.

3D printed surgical guides are helping make surgeries safer and more successful.

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With a hot-end temp. of up to 500°C, Element is a powerful 3D printer, allowing you to print up to 8 materials in a single part to include rigid material, flexible materials, and soluble support material in your prints. 

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Expand throughput with Array’s automated bed changing and material handling systems. With incredible scalability, run the equivalent of 250 3D printers with a single operator, printing up to 8 materials in a single print, including PEEK, PEKK, and Ultem.

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