We care about our customers.



"Pretty much the nicest, genuine company/people I've ever done business with."
 - Jay K. on the Palette User Facebook Group


We're always improving our tech.


"Now, with painting enabled in CANVAS, users can paint STL models and print them out in multiple colours! It is wonderful!"

- Joel Telling (3D Printing Nerd)



The Palette 3 is a huge leap forward both in hardware and software – I very much enjoy working with the Palette 3 Pro.” 

-Filament Stories on Twitter


As someone who’s been thinking almost exclusively monochromatically for the past couple years the @mosaicpalette has added a splash of colour to my design process. This is a machine with incredible potential-it gives you the ability to 3D print with up to 8 different colours/materials on a single-nozzle machine. Not only are the results amazing, but the whole workflow to create these results is surprisingly easy. Huge shoutout to the team at @mosaicmfg for building such a beautiful piece of engineering.

-JBV Creative on Instagram

“Palette 3 Pro working like a beast!”

- Palette 3 Pro user Anthony on the Palette Users Facebook Group



...and people are making awesome stuff with it.

The Palette 3 from Mosaic Manufacturing is a reliable multi-material printing system that can use up to EIGHT strands of filament to create incredible 3D prints

-Matterhackers on Instagram

"A friend of mine asked me for a print to decorate his apartment, as his home is in Nantes (France), the city where Jules Verne was born, I found him this model which made me think of 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea'"

- Palette 3 Pro user Sebastien on Mosaic Palette Facebook Group

Decided to test all 8 colors at once here.”

- Palette 3 Pro user Kasey on Twitter

This awesome Peacemaker bust was created by Vedran Marjanovic Wekster, and can be found on his Patreon page. Printed on my Railcore using the Palette 3 Pro.

-Palette 3 Pro user Wayne on Mosaic Palette Facebook Group 


 "This is my latest print. It’s a multi-piece with multi-colour pieces. The face has five different colours. My MK3S along with my Palette 2 Pro S worked beautifully."


- Gerald Wagner  on the Palette User Facebook Group