We care about our customers.


"Pretty much the nicest, genuine company/people I've ever done business with.
" - Jay K. on the Palette User Facebook Group


We're always improving our tech.

3D Maker Noob livestreaming a Palette+ print

"Once you realize the amount of engineering and mathematics involved in this machine... it is absolutely mind-blowing. It's truly, truly mind-blowing." - 3D Maker Noob


Brook Drumm looking at a Stormtrooper Palette+ print

"These guys are geniuses with software... My hat is off to Mosaic... they're ahead of the curve... That is just about the cleanest dual-color print I've ever seen. It's crazy."

- Brook Drumm, Founder/CEO of Printrbot



Four multi-color 3DBenchy prints printed with Palette+ by Jetguy

"Hands down, this is one of the biggest upgrades you can add to nearly any printer."
- Jetguy, 3D Printing Legend and Palette & Palette+ Customer

...and people are making awesome stuff with it.

Palette+ prints from a customer in France

"Owner from begin of this year,i use this wonderfull stuff witch open possibilities and now with palette+ i can test new material as flexible and wood." - Boulent Sylvain from France




Palette+ prints from

"Impressão 3D | multi-color multi-material ... Yes, they were printed with Palette+!!" - @3dminifab on Instagram