We care about our customers.



"Pretty much the nicest, genuine company/people I've ever done business with."
 - Jay K. on the Palette User Facebook Group




"Mosaic Manufacturing customer service should be a benchmark for other companies big and small. Their CS was my decision point when I made my mind up to buy again."

- Marco Rios on the Palette User Facebook group 


We're always improving our tech.


"Now, with painting enabled in CANVAS, users can paint STL models and print them out in multiple colours! It is wonderful!"

- Joel Telling (3D Printing Nerd)




3D Maker Noob livestreaming a Palette+ print

"Once you realize the amount of engineering and mathematics involved in this machine...it is absolutely mind-blowing. It's truly, truly mind-blowing."

- 3D Maker Noob


Brook Drumm looking at a Stormtrooper Palette+ print

"These guys are geniuses with software... My hat is off to Mosaic... they're ahead of the curve... That is just about the cleanest dual-color print I've ever seen. It's crazy."

- Brook Drumm, Founder/CEO of Printrbot


Four multi-color 3DBenchy prints printed with Palette+ by Jetguy

"Hands down, this is one of the biggest upgrades you can add to nearly any printer."
- Jetguy, 3D Printing Legend and Palette Customer







...and people are making awesome stuff with it.





"Wonder Woman by David Östman painted in Canvas. 7 colours." - Chris Ragucci on the Palette User Facebook Group




"This is my latest print. It’s a multi-piece with multi-colour pieces. The face has five different colours. My MK3S along with my Palette 2 Pro S worked beautifully."

- Gerald Wagner on the Palette User Facebook Group