Automated, Scalable, and Versatile


4 Element / HT

3D Printers


4 Palette X

1 Per Element Printer


32 Material Pods

8 Per Element Printer


1 Cart

Stores Completed Print Beds


40 Print Beds

For Continuous Printing


1 Robotic Arm

Automatically Removes/Replaces Print Beds

Why Array

Large build volume and automated print monitoring means low downtime and high throughput.

Print up to 8 materials in a single part with industrial materials, including PEEK, PEKK 
and Ultem.

With one operator able to run the equivalent of 250 3D printers, 3D printing large production volumes is finally possible.

Calculate Your Total Cost Per Part

Completely change the economics of your 3D printing operation by leveraging Array's high throughput and low-cost base.

Input your best estimates in our total cost per part calculator and we'll compile a report to give you a sense of how Array will revolutionize 3D printing for your application.

Looking for a more in-depth, custom analysis? Email our team at

Array Cost and Throughput Calculator

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High throughput. Low Cost. Minimal downtime.