We printed something COOL

We printed something COOL

Two nights ago we used SEEM technology to print a circuit inside a 3D printed part … all using a single extruder.


Our team always talked about printing a flashlight. Imagine – just add a battery, a light source, and it works. With the help of F-Electric’s conductive filament (and some caffeine) we did exactly that at 2AM on Monday.

Printing a flashlight is exciting, but what’s even better is what this signals for the industry. How much new potential there is in the Desktop 3D printing space - Imagine children designing and printing their first circuits in school; the simplicity that can be added to hobbyist projects; the applications this will have for FDM printing in the robotics industry.

While most 3D printers are limited to printing simple parts from one plastic, SEEM breaks down this limitation and allows for multi-filament printing.

In case you missed it….Mosaic’s technology (SEEM) can now use 3 inputs. You can use our tech to print both a functioning, and colourful part!

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You can also pre-order the filament from Functionalize today! We did, you should too! Check out the F-Electric Kickstarter campaign here to support this awesome product.

We can’t even begin to imagine what you guys will create with this technology in your hands. We’d love to know though, hit us up on Twitter (or shoot us a comment below this post) to share your ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our post – it’s been quite the week.

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The Mosaic Team