It's about time for an update....

It's about time for an update....

So what’ve we been up to and what are our plans for the coming months?

We’ve been silent for a little while, this funny thing has been happening – we’ve been working. Our team has (mostly) shut off the world for the time being. I wanted to put up a post so you guys know what’s going on, and what you can expect in the next couple months.

First, some internal news. We’re picking up and moving to Montreal. We’re really excited to be headed to such an amazing city. Montreal’s resources and community will be a great way to help us gain more speed.

We want to give you a rough timeline, but please understand that we’re developing an entirely new technology, and we’re committed to bringing you a killer product. With this in mind, be aware that this timeline may be adjusted as we move forward.

The next iteration of our technology – the first consumer ready form – is nearing completion. We got our first successful connections last night, now we can begin serious testing. We’re aiming to release a bunch more information in middle of February.

Once tests are complete we have two more things to accomplish before our crowd source launch: printer testing, and materials testing.

Continuing with our in house mantra of show, don’t tell, we want to be sure that when we say something we can back it up. Theoretically our product can be compatible with all G-Code/X3G printers that have open filament, but theoretically isn’t good enough for us to ask for your hard earned dollars. Our team will compile a list of tested printers so you can be confident that our product is compatible with your printer.

When we started off we were focused on colour. We can do colour, we can do it very well; however, something happened a few months ago that we need to explore. Materials with different properties. Back in December we 3D printed a working flashlight. This print showed us that there was a lot of undiscovered potential inside of the machine we created. We’re going to be going through a series of tests to figure out which materials our tech is compatible with, and what these materials will one day let you print.

We will be completing these tests during the months of February and March and going to crowd source soon after.

Check out this Thingiverse group to stay on top of the newest Multi-Filament Models. We'll be posting the objects we print, and we'd love to have examples of prints you'd like to see created.

So in closing….. STAY TUNED! Things are moving forward really well, we’re making progress every single day and we can’t wait to share what we’ve created with you. Rest assured, we’re sprinting forward as quickly as we can and we’d love for you to continue this journey with us.

On behalf of myself and everyone on the Mosaic team, thanks for taking the time to read this post! As always, you can stay connected with us here: Twitter,Facebook, Email list