Reducing transition material with CANVAS + Mobile UI

Reducing transition material with CANVAS + Mobile UI

We’ve been hard at work on the process of reducing transition material in our CANVAS platform. There’s a number of features on our roadmap to accomplish this reduction, and we’re really excited to have launched the first two - infill transition and variable transition length.

Why give it a shot?

Infill transition

Transitioning in the infill of a part is a feature we implemented a few years back in Chroma 3.0, now it's live in CANVAS. Depending on the size of your part, and the density of your infill, transitioning in infill saves you anywhere between 5% and 80% of the material used on your transition towers. 

CANVAS is able to understand which lines of G-code are infill, and which lines are perimeters, or top/bottom layers. Based on this information, CANVAS will plan to use the infill as part of the transition from one color to the next. 

You can see a quick example of the impact this can have on your transition tower size in the pictures below: 


These prints were done with 0 shells, removing top and bottom layers to show the infill of the parts. Adding back these top and bottom layers will make a larger transition tower, but the amount of material used for layers with infill will match the small transition tower. 

Variable Transition Length

If you’ve used Palette with different color pairings, you may have noticed that some colors take longer to transition than others. This is due to the contrast between the color in the extruder and the incoming color that you’re transitioning to.

This effect is most noticeable when you’re transitioning between a color like black to a color like white. When you’re going from black to white, there will be a significant section of ‘grey’ material that you’ll want to transition through whereas when you’re going from white to black, the transition is almost instant.

Variable transition length allows you to set the transition length for these pairings, giving you longer (or shorter) transitions when going from one color to another.

Variable transition lengths helps you decrease your amount of transition material, and decrease the amount of bleeding you may see when transitioning between high contrast colors. 

Mobile UI

One of the advantages of being in the cloud is not being restricted to the computing power of the device you’re using. To take advantage of this, we’ve taken CANVAS through a complete UI refresh so it can be used on mobile devices. 

Ever sliced from your phone before? If not, you should give it a shot and let us know your thoughts.  

We’re working on a number of new improvements to the CANVAS Slicer which will allow us to add new features in a more efficient way. Rest assured, you can expect more functionality in the future.


Any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out at!