Palette 3 Warranty Extensions, Firmware Update, and Ocean Shipment Timeline Revisions

Palette 3 Warranty Extensions, Firmware Update, and Ocean Shipment Timeline Revisions

Palette Release Notes:

We've been listening to your feedback and taking note of your experiences with your new Palette 3s and Palette 3 Pros! Our tech team has been working endlessly to improve your experience.

We'll be releasing some updates for Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro units on Thursday, November 18th, 2021.

Release Notes - v21.11.18.0:


  • Added an option to toggle Wi-Fi on/off
  • Added an option to manually connect to a network
  • Added errors for invalid passwords when connecting
  • Added support for forgetting a Wi-Fi network
  • Factory reset now removes stored Wi-Fi networks

  • Added more specific error codes to minimize the frequency of Error 500
    • 132: Filament path blocked on startup
    • 133: Filament not cleared from palette
    • 134: Pings dropped below 50%. Check for extruder jam or broken splice
    • 140-150: Detects parsing errors with .mcfx and .mafx files
  • A firmware update notification will appear when new firmware is available to install
  • Added search functionality to file lists
  • Added support for editing and deleting segments in Pattern mode

After rolling out this release, we're also working away on a few other priorities: 

Issues that we are investigating:

  • Prusa MK3 (running firmware v3.10.x) and Prusa Mini stuttering or pausing
  • A small number of printers hanging on cancellation
  • Isolated IoT connectivity issues
  • Cold or necked splices mid-print

After this release, we'll be working on the following features:

  • Screen responsiveness improvements (set to be released soon)
  • Run-out / Multi-spool / Back-up Drives
  • Webcam streaming
  • User accessible logs

Next, we'll be working away on:

  • Timelapse recording
  • File transfer (P2PP and others)

Thank you for sharing your Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro experiences with us. We're working hard to bring you a top-of-the-line 3D printing experience; please continue to share your feedback with our Support team so we can continue to deliver excellent user experiences with Palette 3.

Please feel free to reach out to  for any further questions or inquiries. 


Ocean Shipment Presale Unit Update:

Due to global shipping backups, we are experiencing potential delays with our ocean shipping presale units. The timeline for ocean shipping units for Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro are now estimated for January 2022.

If you have any questions about your order, delivery timing, or Palette 3 / Pro, please send us an email at  and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


Palette Warranty Extensions: 

Thank you for all the early feedback and support as we work through making Palette 3 the best multi-material technology on the market! We are looking forward to continuing this dialogue as we add more features and functionality to your products.

In an effort to say thank you to our early supporters, we’re going to be extending the warranty of anyone who bought / buys Palette 3 / Pro before December 1, 2021 by 3 months.

If you fall into this category, there is no action required on your end. If you have any questions or inquiries about the warranty extension, or whether you qualify, please email us at