Palette+ in Manufacturing

Palette+ can be used to improve FDM-based 3D printing manufacturing systems; some of the benefits include: 

1) Automated Filament Switching - Remove the manual nature of switching from spool to spool by automatically combining four spools of filament together. When one spool runs out, swap another one in without pausing your printer. 

Complete runs of parts without ever touching your 3D printer


2) Part Labeling and Serialization - Serialize your parts using multiple colors in order to label part runs, or different iterations. 


3) Manufacture a new range of products - Add a new element to product customization with the ability to print products with your customer's name, company's brand, and experience geometric freedom with soluble support material. 

By increasing automation and expanding the range of parts your printers can create, Palette+ can increase the ROI and efficiency of your manufacturing operations.

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