Accessory, Connected, and Integrated Experiences

Accessory, Connected, and Integrated Experiences

One of the biggest changes with our new multi-material ecosystem (consisting of Palette 2, Palette 2 Pro, CANVAS, and CANVAS Hub) is that there are now three different ways to use Palette 2. This post explains the differences in these three experiences and what they mean for you.

Accessory Mode

Palette 2’s Accessory Mode is the default mode and is similar to how Palette+ functions: Palette feeds filament into your printer, and you operate the two machines’ controls separately. Palette 2’s Accessory Mode uses an .MAF (Mosaic Accessory File) generated from Chroma or CANVAS. If you’re new to multi-material printing, getting started with Palette 2 as an accessory is easy to follow and intuitive by following the on-screen instructions. It’s great for those who love to get hands on with 3D printing and enjoys every step of the way.

Connected Mode

Using a Palette 2 with a CANVAS Hub, you’ll be able to experience Palette 2’s Connected Mode. CANVAS Hub connects your Palette 2 and printer via USB, and connects to your local WiFi network. CANVAS Hub also allows you to control aspects of your 3D printer and your Palette 2 from a computer browser: load and unload filament, jog your extruder and Palette drives, and start multi-material prints. For Palette 2 Connected Mode, the file type used is MCF, Mosaic Connected File.

If you already use an OctoPi with your printer and are familiar with the OctoPrint interface, CANVAS Hub will offer similar functionality. For those who prefer to be more hands off and operate both your Palette 2 and printer from a computer interface, getting CANVAS Hub may be ideal for you.

Learn how to install CANVAS Hub for your own OctoPi setup.

Integrated Experience

The Integrated Experience is what we aim to be the best experience for our users. Through cooperation with printer manufacturers, working with Palette 2 and your printer will feel seamless. The integrated experience is similar to the connected experience but without the need for a CANVAS Hub, and additional features would be implemented to suit your printer. Purchasing an integrated experience would mean you still have Palette 2 and your printer as separate machines, but through firmware and software integrations, you would be able to use Palette 2 as effortlessly as your printer. If you’ve grown a strong affinity for a certain type of printer and know it inside and out, stay tuned for updates regarding our integration partners.

With varying degrees of connection and communication between your printer and Palette 2, we hope you find a mode that suits your needs.